Starting the Process

Welcome to my world! I have always wanted to do a DIY website, and I now finally have the time to do it! We bought our final house about two and half years ago. We had lived in the Santa Cruz area for 8 years, and truly loved the location. Unfortunately, because of unforseen circumstances, and a horrific struggle with breast cancer, we could no longer afford to live there. So we packed up and moved inland. We bought our final house and moved 300 miles away. Because of our ages, we downsized and bought a one level house. It was not a house we loved, but it was the only one that we could get at the time. I am hoping over the next couple of years to transform it into a home we will love! We have a tremendous amount of work to do, and we are not getting any younger!

The first room I am want to redo is my craftroom. We bought a 3 bedroom, and one room is going to be my craftroom! We have a master bedroom and a guest bedroom. My husband’s electronics work area will be in the garage. We downsized to a house half the size of our previous, and we have tons of boxes to go through and a tremendous amount of stuff to get rid of. But I digress! Back to my craftroom.

My craftroom is packed with all kinds of stuff and a lot of boxes. Nothing has been organized because I am going to re-paint and completely revamp the room. The first order of business is to pick a color/colors to paint. I have decided on metallic gold, white, gray and a soft coral color. Years ago, when I worked as a designer, I did several clients rooms with a techique using a “woolie”. I still love the effect, and I am going to use this technique for my craftroom.

I had picked a beginning date, and that was back in May, 2021. I have given myself one year to complete the entire room. Unfortunately, again due to many different circumstances, I am about 6 months behind right now! But, if I work really hard for the next 6 months, I think I can still meet my deadline. 

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